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Tri-HERBOSOME Concentrate Serum

Nalanya Herbs

"The Crown Jewel of Innovative Skincare"

The unique skincare with ultimate benefits of Tri-HERBOSOME Concentrate Serum for long lasting healthy skin.


Prevents skin deterioration


Skin aging deceleration and skin health restoration or 
Decelerates skin aging and restores skin health


Reduces aging wrinkles


Brightens skin naturally


Moisturizes skin by skin hydration and layering to reduce water loss.

Tri-HERBOSOME Concentrate Serum Natural Skincare containing active ingredients from 3 Thai herbs that are vital to healthy skin combined in Tri-HERBOSOME, the nano encapsulation technology.


The futurity of Natural Skincare, which contains more than 95%, made from vital Thai herbal extracts: Phyllanthus emblica L. (Indian gooseberry), Artocarpus Lakoocha Heartwood, Centella Asiantica (Cica), are encapsulated as Tri-HERBOSOME by innovative nanotechnology, and much more benefits from other value natural ingredients base such as Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract, Resin from Dragon Blood Tree, Babchi Seed Extract etc.


3 Thai herbal extracts that are vital to healthy skin


“Super Antioxidant”

“Super Antioxidant”

- Contains antioxidant effect 

- Reduces aging wrinkles 

- Inhibits melanin pigment production

- Smooth, firm, elastic skin 

- Brightens skin naturally


"From treasures in the Earth
to the Crown Jewel
of Innovative Skincare"

The mysterious seductive scent beyond

The scent of Tri-HERBOSOME Concentrate Serum is inspired from flower of ""Parijat"" which is the myth that ""Whom had ever admired the scent of Parijat flower even one will fulfill their wishes"""

How to use
Tri-HERBOSOME Concentrate Serum


1. Drop the serum on your palm


2. Apply the serum all over the face, around the eyes, and onto the neck.


3. Gently massage to penetrate serum deep into skin.

The skincare creator to deliver the sustainability journey of nature exploration through innovation.

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