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Healthy Beyond Beauty

As a business in the new era of social responsibility, 
our company has been inspired by the changes in human behavior that are concerned with health and sustainability as well as with the benefits of natural ingredients. 

There are plenty of amazing treasures in nature. For this reason, 
our research emphasizes what we call “mother earth wealth” such as varieties of Thai herbs. Thus, we explore the natural benefits of Thai herbal extracts for health restoration and wellness.

We also founded “The Research and Development Fund for Herbal Medication” to treat low income patients, free of charge.

Thep Prathan Herbs  Co., Ltd.’s Business Philosophy

We focus on the holistic well being for consumers and society. With products from Thai herbs, the treasures of the Earth through the cutting-edge technology of research and development process and sustainability, the company aim to provide the products that are timeless remarkable health benefits from the inside to the outside in an ever-changing world.

Thep Prathan Herbs Co.,Ltd.,
has established on March 14, 2022 with a Vision, Mission and Objective hereunder.


To achieve the vision of Thep Prathan Herbs Co., Ltd., the company has a project to produce skincare products in collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in product research section, which uses herbal extracts as the main active ingredients with nanotechnology in the production process. We focus on


1. Creating skincare products from Thai herbs by conducting in-depth product research and development to obtain remarkably health products, with an everlasting impression on consumers.


2. Contributing tangible health products to the society with innovative products made by using cutting-edge technology. Moreover, further research and more focus on medication made from Thai herbs contribute to the patient in order to ensure a peaceful, happy and healthy society.

3. Caring, preserving, sharing and creating to be a part of sustainability. In addition, the company has selected manufacturers including production and packaging that meet ASEAN Cosmetic GMP standards to ensure quality with truly ultimate care products as the best multi benefits skincare.


1. To launch the natural cosmeceutical products: serum, sunscreen and more from 2023

2. To achieve the global recognition

3. To explore as the global brand

4. To achieve sales of THB100 millions annually within 5 years.

5. To establish and operate Srisakaya Asoke Fund

In addition, the company has selected manufacturers including production and packaging that meet Asean Cosmetic GMP standards to ensure quality with truely ultimate care products as the best multi benefits skincare.

Our past researches are:

1. A research on encapsulating active ingredients from 3 Thai herbs in the form of Liponiosome particles, registered a trademark and patent under the name Tri-HERBOSOME.


2. Developing Tri-HERBOSOME Concentrate Serum formula; a concentrated facial serum that maintains the conditions of Tri-HERBOSOME particles, and optimal delivery through skin layers.


3. Developing Tri-HERBOSOME Sunscreen formula; a sunscreen product that enhances skincare product while protecting and nourishing skin at the same time.

In addition, every product from Nalanya Herbs has been tested at the laboratory level and clinical level by skin specialists to ensure that every product provide the highest quality, efficacy, and safety for consumers.

Come join us on a journey back in time of youth. Restore youthful appearance to your face, around your eyes and your neck with natural skincare products; Tri-HERBOSOME Concentrate Serum Product Distribution Schedule: October 19, 2023 onwards

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